Ideal lines 2018 DL gallery

The black line 2013 Astrolavos gallery, Athens

Faces 2012 Byzantin and christian museum

Days on earth 2009 44th Demetria festival pavilion, Thessaloniki

Days on earth 2007 Athens art gallery

Contemporary greek painters 2007 newspaper Ta Nea

You are what you is 2005 Athens art gallery

Sweet life 2005 Art Athina Agathi art gallery

Prince's mask 2003 Art Athina Agathi art gallery

Still life 2003 Art Athina Agathi art gallery

Imaginary autobiography 2002 Zoumboulakis gallery Athens

Subconscious games 1999 Art Forum gallery, Thessaloniki.

Images from lands discovered 1998 Medusa art gallery Athens

Tales of the wind 1997 Art Forum gallery, Thessaloniki

Tales of the wind 1996 Medusa art gallery Athens

Compass cards and weather vanes 1993 medusa art gallery Athens

Space time tοutch 1991 Epikentro gallery Patras

Elusive deamons 1988 Medusa art gallery Athens

Dada art gallery 1985 Athens